Caldwell Jones, former Celtic nemesis, dies at 64

Bird drives on Sixers' Caldwell Jones (left) and Bobby Jones

If you followed the Celtics back in the early 80s, you will undoubtedly remember the impact Caldwell Jones of the Sixers had during the hotly-contested Celtics-Sixers matchups.  In fact Jones, who was known for his defensive prowess including making two 1st All NBA Defensive teams, was a catalyst in helping the Sixers even their 1982 Conference Finals at 1 game apiece.

After losing by 40 points in game 1, the Sixers came back and won Game 2, including 22 points from Jones, 10 of which came in the pivotal 4th quarter.  In that game the Celtics challenged Caldwell to make the perimeter shot and he burned them, showing his game was more than one-dimensional.  The Sixers went on to win that series in a year many people thought the Celtics were the best team.

Caldwell was one of 4 brothers to play in the NBA including Major, Wil and Charles who all attended Albany State in Georgia.

In his last year in the league, Jones tutored David Robinson during his rookie season, helping guide the youngster as much as he could.

Caldwell died today of a heart-attack.

Despite the intense battles and the animosity many Celtics' fans held for Philly back then, Celticslife wishes Jones' family our condolences. Rest in Peace Caldwell. May God bless your soul.