We Are All Witnesses... Again

Photo: ProBasketballTalk

AP - A larger-than-life LeBron James will again tower over downtown.
The city’s planning commission approved artwork on Friday for a 10-story-high banner of the NBA superstar, his arms outstretched and “Cleveland” across the back of his jersey.
It will hang across the street from Quicken Loans Arena, home of the Cavaliers.

Well that didn't take too long did it.

LeBron's return to Cleveland is going to wind up being a contender for sports story of the year.  For the people of Cleveland it's the story of the decade.  For fans of storytelling in sports, it is timeless.

The hometown boy plays for his hometown team, goes off on his own for a short time, and returns a conquering hero.  It just so happens that hometown boy is arguably the greatest basketball player of his generation.

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