Rumor: Danny Ainge interested in trading for Austin Rivers

Remember back in 2012 when many were hoping that the Celtics would draft Austin Rivers? We even had an article on Celtics Life titled "Is Austin Rivers destined to be a Celtic?"

It's two years later, and while Rivers was drafted by New Orleans, it's still possible that he ends up in green and white. His father, Doc Rivers, is no longer the coach of the Celtics, but according to some rumors, Danny Ainge is still interested in trading for him.

From Mass Live:

After agreeing to trade for Omer Asik, the New Orleans Pelicans need to cut some salary, leading many to speculate that Austin Rivers or Eric Gordon will get sold off. Apparently, the Boston Celtics might have some interest in Rivers:

These sources are more legit than yesterday's ridiculous Rajon Rondo to LA trade rumor. Both are reputable journalists, one covering the Celtics for the Boston Herald, the other covering the Pelicans for the Times-Picayune/ Furthermore, trade rumors surrounding Rivers to Boston were circulated at the beginning of the 2013-2014 season, and Doc expressed Danny's strong desire to obtain Austin in interviews before he left for LA.

That being said, Austin has struggled a bit recently, and the Celtics just drafted two young guards last night, so why would they need another? Ainge said last night that Marcus Smart could play alongside Rondo and Avery Bradley, indicating that he might keep all of his current guards. However, Avery Bradley could receive offers from other teams of 7-9 million as a restricted free agent this summer, so Boston might choose not to match them and let him walk. In that case, Rivers would be a much more affordable option, as his contract is about 2.4 million.

In terms of stat comparisons, Rivers played in 69 games over the 2013-2014 season while Bradley played in 60; Rivers averaged 19.4 minutes / 7.7 points / 1.9 rebounds / 2.3 assists / 0.7 steals per game while Bradley averaged 30.9 minutes / 14.9 points / 3.8 rebounds / 1.8 assists / 1.1 steals.

I personally don't see Rivers coming to Boston, especially in the absence of his father, but who knows what Danny will do. We had a log jam at the guard position at the beginning of last season, but towards the end had trouble filling the spot due to trades and injuries, so he might decide to stockpile this year.