Celtics owner: 'Trade season is not over yet.'

Kevin Love isn't here.  Rajon Rondo is still here.  The only moves the Celtics made yesterday were drafting a pair of guys with their own two picks.  If this is disappointing to you, don't worry.  Trades could still happen.  Case in point: When Boston acquired Kevin Garnett seven years ago, the date was July 31.

Last night Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck spoke on the subject (via Jay King of Mass Live):

We knew that there were six or seven kids that we wanted. The idea of moving to eight or 10 – moving slightly higher in the draft – really wasn't of interest because we think that maybe there’s a cliff in the draft. We wanted to stay at six or move up. We wanted to make other trades in recent days – we've been on the phone quite a bit with other teams – but nothing has really ever seemed close to fruition no matter how hard we tried. 
I always said fireworks were a possibility. It takes two to tango around here. But there just hasn't been much movement tonight. There just hasn't been. Typically on draft day we make at least two trades, if not three. It's just sort of the way we roll. Trader Danny. And it's had great effect for us. We really are, we like to be aggressive about rebuilding this team. We'd like to try to become contenders as quickly as possible. We'll keep working the phones but it takes two partners to make a trade. 
I remember trading for Kevin Garnett in '07. I got a phone call about that from Minnesota on July 30 or 31. So trade season is not over yet.

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