Joel Embiid's agent gave the Celtics his medical information

Not every team picking at the top of the draft has gotten their hands on Joel Embiid's medical information.

However, the Celtics are just that special, as they were specifically chosen by Embiid's agent to receive it.

One reason Embiid may fall to the Celtics, who also have the No. 17 pick in the first round, is because of how his medical information was doled out.

Embiid’s camp, and specifically his agent, Arn Tellem, controlled which teams had access to that information, and league sources said not every team with a top-10 pick received it. The Celtics, however, did.

A lot of teams have been rumored to be hesitating on taking Embiid for the very reason that they don't have his medicals. Why would Embiid's agent be selective with who he gives it out to? That should be pretty obvious, it's the best they can do to make sure Embiid goes to a team he'd want to be drafted by.

According to an earlier report from Adrian Wojanrowski, we can reasonably assume that the Lakers and Sixers were some of the other teams that received his medical info.