Cavs Shopping Orlando's first round picks

Listen, do yourself a favor. Stop the lie, and walk right out of your office now. No work is going to be done today. You'll give up on minimizing your window by 10.

Want proof? According to Chad Ford, the Cavaliers were making calls last night offering the Magic's 4th and 12th pick last night.

via his twitter account

Based on numerous reports this weeks, one could assume that the Cavs would plan on keeping Aaron Afflalo and packaging the 4th and 12th picks for more proven asset/s.

The motivation in doing this is curious, and opens up quite a few windows. It could simply be an impatient owner desperately trying to escape losing, or it could be a team who wants to make a play at something bigger; perhaps a certain marquee free agent, or another superstar whose likely to become one next season.

It also muddies the Celtics picture a little bit more.

The 4th & 12th pick could be enough for Cleveland to land Kevin Love, and netting Aaron Afflalo in the Orlando trade might make the Cavs more willing to trade for Love without an extension put in place (with Cleveland hoping that Kevin Love would believe in Cleveland's future, while also falling in love with popular Cleveland destinations like the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the Christmas Story house, & Sidelines Bar and Grille in Brunswick.

Or these picks could tie into the Kings-Celtics-Cavs three way deal that had Rondo going to the Kings being reported last night. The Cavs have reportedly previously shown some interest in Jeff Green, and Jared Sullinger has some Ohio State ties...

Which brings me back to my first point. You've already opened up the Trade Machine, you've got 14 other tabs going, just call it a day and go home.

UPDATE: Woj Bomb