Embiid Tweets and Deletes a BOMBSHELL


Hands down this has been the craziest NBA draft season in a long time. I feel like it started 18 months ago. Joel Embiid just drops BOMB, deletes it, and immediately erases the news this morning that he's more injured than he is letting on.

Embiid was quick to defend the ol' tweet 'n' delete by saying his friend took his phone and sent that out, to which I say, "sure. SUUUUUURE he did." It's a little too convenient for me, Joel. Also I haven't slept in a week because I've been swept up in Draft fever and I'm pretty sure everything is a conspiracy.

This Game of Thrones style long-con-maneuvering by Embiid and his agent Arn Tellem. Say he's hurt beyond belief to drop his stock down to one of the big time international teams he can impact on for the next 15 years- either Boston or Los Angeles. Straight up Lannister styling up until the first name gets called tonight.