Rick Fox says he'll coach the Knicks if Phil Jackson doesn't want to

Don't worry New York Knicks fans, your future is looking brighter than ever!  In a recent interview with Bloomberg Television, Fox was asked if he might be interested in coaching the Lakers.  Via Newsday's Al Iannazzone, here's Fox's response:

There are a number of open jobs. I've been looking and in conversations with Phil Jackson, in supporting his vision for the Knicks. I love the Lakers, obviously. They're a little unsure which direction they want to go in right now. I think you'll probably get a quicker answer out of New York.

I'm hoping -- I keep saying to Phil Jackson -- he needs to coach the team. He's the best guy for it. He's the holy grail of coaches. If he needed my support in some way, it'd be hard to turn him down. Or if he needed me to step in and do the job myself, I'd definitely welcome that.

Good to know that in case Jackson feels an NBA TV broadcaster and former Celtic/Laker with no coaching experience is the best man to lead the Knicks, Fox is willing.

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