Most likely upsets on Day 1 of the NCAA tournament

You should really watch New Mexico State, if only for Sim Bhullar (who is 7'5")
16 games, and 16 chances for David to try and reign supreme over Goliath. There's nothing like the NCAA tournament, mostly because every year there are unforgettable upsets. Upsets that simultaneously remind us why we love sports (the stories and excitement) and hate them (when these upsets undoubtedly cause our brackets to implode). It's the most fun you'll have watching sports all day, and most certainly is MyKindaHoops.

But who's most likely to come up with a big upset on Day 1? Here are my top three possibilities (FYI an upset in my books is a 12-seed or worse. Yea I know 12-seeds win every year, but it's still an upset).

3. #14 Western Michigan over #3 Syracuse - I'm not saying the 14-seed will win, but I've been on the record all season long that Syracuse would not make it past the sweet 16, and that has not changed (I actually have them out in round two). The Cuse cannot score, and that will eventually come back to haunt them. Maybe not vs Western Michigan, but very soon.

2. #13 New Mexico State over #4 San Diego State - I came close to picking this as an upset, but ended up backing off. Just an FYI, NMS has a 7'5" dude on their team. His name is Sim Bhullar and he also weighs 360 pounds. So yea, you should watch this game because an upset is possible and because there's a 7'5", 360 pound guy on New Mexico State.

1. #12 Harvard over #5 Cincinnati - I almost feel like this is cheating with how good Harvard is. The Crimson have trouble booking good teams, because good teams are afraid of them. Therefore, their out of conference schedule is weak, and their seed is hurt because of that. But make no mistake, this is a top 25 team in the country, and they will beat Cincy on Day 1.

Ok, those are my three to watch. What are yours?