Ray Allen left his legacy behind, would like it back

A few years ago, the Miami Heat coming to town meant a lot. An old-school, throwback of a rivalry, filled by two rosters of guys that didn't like each others. It was great. While the games didn't always go the way we wanted, they were generally very exciting, and filled by some truly spectacular moments.

Now? It means Ray Allen is going to say a whole bunch of obnoxious things to the media.

Courtesy Jay King at MassLive:

If Allen eventually does get his number retired, he said he would cherish it.

“It would be probably one of the single greatest honors in my career,” Allen said

Listen, if you want more click the link above. Jay King does great work at MassLive and he deserves the clicks anyways. But I can't post any more of the quotes. They're insufferable, and I hate having to look at them.

As a reminder, Ray Allen walked away from the Celtics. For a variety of reasons (whether you see them as justified or not), Ray Allen chose to leave behind a natural legacy that would've seen him as a local legend. It could've been so easy; 5 years from now he could've woken up in his Connecticut home, stopped in at a practice at Storrs, and then driven to see his number retired. Heck, maybe he films a Bernie & Phyls ad in between.

That legacy wasn't as important to him as the reasons he had for taking less money to play with the Boston Celtics' most heated current rival. It was his choice to directly effect, in his own words, 'one of the single greatest honors' of his career. Because Ray Allen is a politician - He says things because they sound like the nice thing to say. But if he truly meant it, would he have walked away in the first place?