Green Envy: What Heat “fans” said

The Celtics beat Miami with a squad of Beasley, Haslem, Wade and Chalmers?? What is this 2008? What a game though, the C’s made it rain from three point land… and boy did it piss off these so-called Heat “fans.” Its hard to tell who they hate more, Tommy or Rondo. What's the difference between a bucket of sh*t and a Heat fan? The bucket, am I right?

Top Three

1) UD looking to take down Lebron's 25 in the 1Q

2) lmfao, heihnson's like, the way haslem's playing he's going to call his mom after the game.. hahaha

3) Remember when Birdman had Olynyk's hair?

Play of the Game (When Rondo out jumped 6’8 Haslem for the jump-ball):

UD lost the toss to rondo, ball game lol

The Full Slate:

i hope wade body slams rondo :-D

NoCo had a great game against the Celts a long time ago....

a long long time ago i think dinosaur were still kickin it actually

Haslem looks pretty solid early

lol, heihnson just called wade cocky.. lmfao.. that fucking hater.

Who's more cocky than Rondo?

tell me about it.. i don't know one fanbase that has anything positive to say about heihnson. he's a fuckhead, i just laugh at his commentary

Haslem alley!! 2006!!

UD looking to take down Lebron's 25 in the 1Q

If someone would have been in a coma these pass years they'll probably think it's 2009 Rio, Wade, Beas, Haslem all on the court

Ray Allen boo'd lol

ud hasn't played in so long he's forgotten about the delay of game rules

UD the destroyer of worlds

heihnson already showing signs of having a heart attack

Damn rondo has 7 assist already. You forget how good he is with an irrelevant team.

Goodness after rondo threw his body down and layed on the ground I forgot how much I dislike him

he's up there on my list. jeff green is climbing up there too with his irrational hate for the heat. he hates miami all of a sudden cos he's a celtic. SHEEP!

Bayless going to be the scrub of the night. they all get hot against miami

Do you guys think you can build a team around Rondo? I would trade him for a key player/players. He’d seem like a good fit for okc over Westbrook

let me expand... rondo is a bitch

rondo trying to show bosh up... body slam that fool

Remember what Wade did to his arm lol

ye, that shit was funny! i don't see why people think it was intentional

Wade struggles and he takes a three wow. Another turnover

Wade for 3= timeout

Celtics fans think they won a championship

11 of our 20 losses to under .500 teams. Wow

wow... this blog dies faster than a mel gibson movie opening in israel

great game celtics.. now enjoy the lottery

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