MarShon Brooks says he doesn't have a role

Via WEEI's Ben Rohrbach, here's what Brooks had to say following his sixth straight DNP-CD last night:

“I’m trying not to get frustrated, because I know my time’s going to come, and if I’m frustrated, then I’m playing against myself, so all I can do is just stay in shape and be ready. Right now, I’m not playing at all. I don’t have a role. I’m just cheering right now, trying to cheer my teammates on and let them know what I see. That’s about it. What goes through my head? I just want to go in. And then from there, I’ll just take care of my business, man. When my opportunity comes, I’m going to try to go out there, just be solid, not do too much and just play ball. I’ll run into points. I’m just going to play hard on defense. The scoring will come. I’ll have my opportunity to play. It’s a long season.”

Brooks has entered just two games all season, going 0-2 with an assist in a 7 minute stint against the Pistons on November 3, and 0-1 with an assist and a foul in 2 minutes vs the Raptors on opening night.  But the thing is, he's the 3rd string shooting guard.  And the only reason he's not 4th string is because Jordan Crawford is now a point guard.  Unless something happens to Avery Bradley or Courtney Lee, there aren't really going to be a lot of minutes for the 12th man.  Especially considering the fact that the Celtics have yet to be involved in a blowout this year, allowing guys who don't normally get to play to take the floor in garbage time.  Obviously it's not the one he'd like, but at least for the time being Brooks' "role" is to sit on the end of the bench and keep Keith Bogans company.

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