Former Celtic Al Jefferson tries to forget his rebuilding season in Boston

Former Celtics' prospect Al Jefferson beat Boston for the first time in his career Wednesday night.

Jefferson was 0-11 in his career against the Celtics after being shipped to Minnesota with a slew of other players for Kevin Garnett in 2007. Unfortunately for Jefferson, he didn't get many wins when he was in green either.

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The last time the Celtics entered a season with such low expectations, in 2006-07, Jefferson averaged 16.0 points and 11.0 rebounds as a third-year pro, but the team only finished 24-58. After the season Jefferson was traded to the Timberwolves in a package that netted Garnett. But first he lived through a difficult rebuilding.

“I try to forget about it,” said Jefferson. “It was a rebuilding year, that’s all I can say. It was a lot of looonnngg nights. One of the frustrating parts about it – we used to lose a lot of games, but we lost in the last two or three minutes of the fourth. It was so frustrating. But we played hard every game, that’s one thing that I could say.”

There should be some pretty long, frustrating nights with this current roster as well. Only difference is the Celtics don't have the assets this time around to trade for two future hall of famers while holding onto their own when the season is over. Celtics GM Danny Ainge will probably trade away some of the current players either at the deadline or after the season as part of the rebuild and you can bet those players are going to have very similar quotes to Jefferson's in a couple years.

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