Jordan snubs Bird for James Worthy; No wonder MJ has made such an amazing GM

Michael Jordan named his unbeatable pickup team and revealed one of his favorite dunks in a promotional video he did for a video game.

The former Chicago Bulls star chose teammate Scottie Pippen, Los Angeles Lakers James Worthy and Magic Johnson and Houston Rockets center Hakeem Olajuwon as his teammates in a pickup game.

"I got no chance of losing. None at all," he said in the video released by 2KSports to promote NBA 2K14.

"Thanks again MJ!"
Michael Jordan is the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball. He's also one of the worst owners/Gm's of all time. There were hints that Jordan had no clue how to evaluate other players' talent back when he was pissed at his Chicago Bulls for drafting Scottie Pippen over UNC big man Joe Wolf. Obviously MJ proved that he was horrendous at evaluating talent when he was put in charge of the Wizards and then Bobcats (Trust me he's still calling the shots there).

James Worthy is another UNC player and former teammate of Jordan. Everyone on his "unbeatable pickup team" was a contemporary. If you are going to go the route of only picking players you played with/against, how do you pass on Larry Bird? Not a huge deal. It's probably just Jordan giving props to one of his UNC guys (I wonder if Charles Barkley's criticism of MJ as an owner/GM got him kicked off his friend's list). But when you don't include Larry Joe Bird on any all-time list, and you put James Worthy in his place, Lucy you have some splainin to do.