Former Celtic big headed to China

After a cup of coffee with the Boston Celtics and a summer vacation in the U.S., Shavlik Randolph is headed back to China.

According to, Randolph will sign a contract with the Foshan Long Lions worth $1.5M - $2M.

Good for him. Randolph provided an unexpected punch off the bench at the end of the Celtics season in the 2012-13 season. While returning to play in the NBA for the 2013-14 season wasn't in the cards, at only 29 years old, Randolph's return to China shows that he still has enough in the tank to contribute in a big way overseas.

After learning that his option would not be picked up by Boston, Shavlik spoke to about what was next on his radar:

"I hope to build on what I did at the end of last season for a full season," he told after being waived. "I think in a short period of time, I did some really good things and I just want to build on that. I want to continue to be a guy who can come in and play the five, the four if need be, rebound, be a hard-nosed defender. I've added a midrange jumpshot to my game, but I also haven't forgotten what's going to keep me on the floor -- that's rebounding, hustle, energy, finishing around the basket."
It's a bummer because seeing hard work be rewarded is always a feel good story, but such is life in the NBA. Shavlik Randolph- We Hardly Knew Ye.


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