Brandon Bass stepping up as defensive leader

Marc D'Amico of wrote a piece today about how Brandon Bass has become the Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtic's defense. Here is the back story on how it began according to D'Amico:
It was mid-March of last season, when Kevin Garnett went down with a bruised left thigh. Garnett, who was the safety valve and leader of Boston’s defense, was forced to miss 12 of the final 17 games of the regular season...“When he went down, I just felt it was right for me to step up and fulfill his role the best way I could,” Bass remembers...“This year I can be myself, and I think that being vocal and more of a defensive-minded player is something I’ve grown into,” Bass said. “I think I’ve got to be the one who just takes that first step in leadership on defense and being vocal and just having a defensive mindset...Bradley was pinged twice by reporters on Tuesday about how different things will be on defense without the presence of Garnett. Bradley seemed miffed by the questions and immediately pointed to Bass as the more-than-capable heir apparent to Garnet’s role.
Bass is a very good defensive player, he has always been impressive with his ability to defend the interior as well as switch out and play perimeter stars like LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. He has great physicality to go with good leaping ability. Where I disagree are the comparisons to the great Kevin Garnett. Not that Bass doesn't have the mindset to replace KG, but the physical length, experience, and intimidation/intensity factors certainly are not there.

It's a new age in Boston though. Who is to say with Avery Bradley hounding the perimeter and Bass covering the paint this team can't find success? There are many things that concern me going into this season. However I am optimistic about this idea. The Celtics have much larger issues to address this season, but lets hope this works out. Having an anchor on defense is always a good start.

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