Brad Stevens says Rondo progressing, Wallace to report today, Bradley to start at point guard?

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Brad Stevens spoke at a fundraising breakfast this morning with some local college coaches to benefit Coaches vs. Cancer.  Mass Live's Jay King sent out some interesting tweets regarding what Stevens had to say:

Hopefully this will begin to clear up our "Where's Wallace?" dilemma from yesterday.  But it's this tweet from King that has me concerned:

If you watched our CelticsLife Live show yesterday, you know that this is my nightmare.  Bradley playing point guard last season ruined him for all the good things he normally brings to the table.  His offense struggled.  His defense suffered.  He became just a shell of the old Avery Bradley who was previously a terror for opposing guards when Rondo was on the court with him.

Even though the point guard options look pretty grim (Courtney Lee?  No.  Phil Pressey?  Too early.  Jordan Crawford?  Whoa) if Rondo isn't healthy, it would be a terrible idea for the Celtics to do any further damage to Bradley's game (and his psyche) by having him undertake that role again.

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