Rajon Rondo's Twitter Q&A highlights

The name Rajon Rondo gets mentioned a lot. Sometimes it's for basketball related things things like dishing out 20 assists in a game, being involved in a million trade rumors, or turning it up to 11 on nationally televised games. On the other hand, Rondo is mentioned in factoids you would never see coming like being the Bobby Fischer of Connect Four, teaching algebra at Burke High in Dorchester, or taking a fashion internship with GQ. Regardless of the context in which his name is mentioned, you can be sure of one thing: when asked about it his response will be succinct.

That may not endear him to sideline reporters (Am I right, David Aldridge?), it makes him perfect for a Twitter Q&A. Last night, Rondo took to Twitter to connect with his fans and took way less than 140 characters to get his point across. Below are some highlights:

Why use 140 characters when 4 will do? Tweet softly and carry a big stick.

If you were ever on the fence about Rajon Rondo, picking his teammates from three different points in his career as his favorite current NBA players should be all the information you need. Time to upgrade the Rondo T-Shirt to an official jersey.

According to his official Twitter, he'll be doing more Q&As in the near future, so be sure to follow @RajonRondo.

Side Note: As of press time, the most important question has yet to be answered.

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