We need Rajon Rondo back in order to get the good Avery Bradley back

The Boston Herald's Mark Murphy wrote and article yesterday entitled "Rajon Rondo the linchpin."  Murphy notes that Rondo's ACL tear will likely lead to the Celtics receiving only "trash offers" for him on the trade front this offseason.  Murphy also suggests that Rondo is a very attractive piece to have in attempting to lure free agents, mentioning Al Jefferson and J.J. Reddick as guys who might like to play with him.  But the one quote that really sticks out to me is what Murphy had to say regarding Rondo and Avery Bradley:
Bradley, once and for all, isn’t a point guard. He was at his best playing off the ball, and cutting to those spots where Rondo, and very few others, could deliver an easy look, or a jumper in the flow. Over the last three months, as Bradley’s play deteriorated, one of the few things that could bring an unabashed smile to the guard’s face was mention of Rondo.

In the second half of the 2012 season when Bradley looked like a future All-Star (and stole the starting two-guard spot from Ray Allen), a large part of this was due to being teamed up with Rondo in the backcourt.  Rondo's injury was clearly to blame for Bradley's drop off down the stretch this year.  And a quick side note, remember that Chris Wilcox guy?  His highlights in Boston came primarily when running the floor with Rondo; without the point guard in action Wilcox fell out of the rotation completely.

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