Avery Bradley makes NBA All-Defensive 2nd team, had a strong argument for 1st team

From ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg.

Obviously well earned by Bradley, who in less than two years time has gone from "seldom used rookie" to the All-Defensive second team.

What's most amazing about all of this is that Bradley missed a whopping 32 games this season, nearly 40% of the schedule. Despite that, and his limited offensive game (let's be honest..voters sometimes look at the overall talent of the player instead of strictly defensive talent), Bradley garnered 10 1st team votes and safely landed on the 2nd team according to Forsberg. Incredible stuff.

According to Synergy Sports, who breakdown every single possession during the NBA season, Bradley gave up only 0.73 points-per-play (PPP) this season, the 16th best number in the league. Perhaps more impressively he did all of this while guarding the opponents best guard, and holding them to just 32.3% shooting, a number that put him among the best in the Association.

In comparison, Chris Paul, who finished on the All-defensive 1st team, allowed 0.83 PPP (107th in the NBA) and his opponents shot 39% (Remember that whole thing about voters not just paying attention to defense?).

Former Celtic Tony Allen on the other hand earned his 1st team nod, allowing only 0.76 PPP (29th in basketball) and holding his man to 33% shooting. Neither number is quite as good as Bradley's of course, but TA played in 79 games this year compared to Bradley's 50, something that must be taken into account (Memphis was also a better defensive team than Boston, something voters look at).

It's also pretty incredible that Bradley accomplished all of this while returning from double shoulder surgeries last June. As he enters his 4th NBA season fully healthy, it seems realistic to expect an even better defensive effort next year. And that will be fun to watch.


I know he has lost a half a step, but this is ridiculous.

For what it's worth KG gave up 0.76 PPP this year, the same number as Allen and tied for 29th in the NBA.

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