Afternoon Delight: Kobe, The "Fan"

During the Lakers' Game 1 opening round loss to the Spurs yesterday, the injured Kobe Bryant spent his time critiquing his team's play on twitter.  Here are a few of his many tweets:

His coach, Pringles D'Antoni didn't enjoy the backseat coaching and had this to say during his post-game interview:
“It’s great to have that commentary,” D’Antoni said, rolling his eyes “He’s a fan right now. He’s a fan. You guys put a little bit more importance on that kind of fan. He’s a fan, he gets excited, I’m sure he wants to be part of it.”

Upon hearing this comment, Kobe responded again via twitter:

Remember this 1996 movie with
Robert DeNiro and Wesley Snipes?
 Tell us what you really think, Mamba.  Imagine what the "Fan" would have said or done if he were actually in the stands.

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