Doc: C's need to help KG get his offense

Saturday afternoon when the 2013 Playoffs began, Kevin Garnett came into the series against New York with as much rest as one could ask for, missing twelve of the final seventeen games of the regular season. Missing as many games as he did you'd expect a little slump in his shooting rhythm and in Game 1 that slump was on full display. Garnett shot a mere 4-12 from the field and didn't attempt a single free throw. What's to blame? The amount of missed games just before the postseason, or is KG simply not getting enough shots up?

KG is obviously a vital part of the Celtics' defense, but on the offensive end he is just as important. With the Celtics current rotation (after all of the seasons injuries and roster switchups) Garnett's importance is higher than ever. In Game 1 the Celtics seemingly tried to beat the Knicks with the three point shot, failing miserably, shooting 5-20 from downtown. The C's need to feed KG in the post early and often. There are not many efficient post-up scorers in the league nowadays but the C's have one and they must use it to their advantage.

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