2013 Rising Stars Challenge highlights

Here are the highlights from last night's Rising Stars Challenge. No Celtics in the event as Jared Sullinger was initially snubbed and then soon after got injured, and the Celtics 2011 1st rounder JaJuan Johnson ended up being JaJuan Johnson.

Kenneth Faried was named MVP last night after his 40 point performance. The Manimal was the guy I was hoping Danny drafted in the 2011 draft, but didn't think he'd still be available when the Celtics chose. He actually lasted until 3 picks before the Celtics picked. Would have definitely been worth it for the Celtics to trade up for him.

Hopefully in next year's Rising Stars Challenge we'll get to see a Celtics, whether it be Sully, this upcoming 1st rounder, or even Fab Melo (If he was named that would be a great sign for his development). Anyone watch the game last night? I didn't. From past years, I remember it being the biggest no defense, just get out of the way and let people dunk game. Has it changed?