Cross one off the list, Rondo-Howard talks were weeks ago

Last night unleashed a frenzy of trade rumors, most notably a report from CBS' Ken Berger that the Celtics and Lakers were in discussions about a Rajon Rondo - Dwight Howard swap.

While the other rumor of sending Kevin Garnett to the other LA team, the Clippers, in exchange for DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe also got a lot of traction, this one stirred maybe the most controversy. As it turns out, maybe the information was right, but the timing was off.

Boston Herald:
"The Lakers like Rondo, and (the Celtics) have looked into getting Howard in the past," said the source, who termed the likelihood of such a deal now "unlikely."

Talks were last held at least two weeks ago, before Rondo was diagnosed with a torn ACL in his right knee. The Celtics guard underwent surgery by Dr. James Andrews last Tuesday in Florida, where Rondo is currently recuperating.

The surgery seemingly ended any real chance of trade discussions moving beyond the preliminary phase.

This makes a lot more sense. As we pointed out last night, trading a player just after they've torn their ACL doesn't exactly send a great message to the league.

It also aligns better with everything else we've been hearing. The Lakers' general manager has vehemently denied that the team would trade Howard and last night it was reported that he strongly denied the Rondo-Howard rumors, telling Chris Broussard that he hasn't talked to Ainge in weeks.

I guess it's all coming together then. We can cross this rumor off the list but that also leaves several others. Including the aforementioned Kevin Garnett trade and also one involving Jeff Green and Brandon Bass being sent to Atlanta for Josh Smith.