CelticsLife Talk: Is a KG to LA trade best for the team? How's the money work?

The below tweet from Chris Broussard sparked a discussion amongst our writers. Does shipping out Kevin Garnett to the Clippers make sense if it's for DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe? How would the Celtics salary cap look after that? Below we share a conversation that went on in e-mail amongst the group last night.

E.K.: Broussard just tweeted that it's Vinny del Negro who wants KG badly.

I'm just imagining here what next year's lineup could look like if both the KG and Rondo deals go down:
Starters: Bledsoe, Avery, Dwight, DeAndre (or Bass or Sully) + Pierce
Bench starts with: Courtney, JET, Jeff, Melo (or whichever piece[s] does not go in the supposed Rondo to L.A. deal)

While this lineup - on paper - looks great I'm just not sure I'd like to see KG or Rondo elsewhere.

This is the moment Ainge, though, has talked about before in that scenario with Red and Bird and McHale... and I wonder if he'll have the balls to do what he said Red wouldn't.

Eric Blaisdell: If these deals were legit, I'd agree. But no way either deal happens. Talks are always going on. If we knew all the deals that were discussed we'd think GMs are insane for some of their proposals.

Terry P: Sad thing is. Danny has the balls too. But I don't think he will. Cuz we can't trust Dwight will want to be a Celtic

E.K.: All-Star weekend = heated rumors as trade deadline nears and all teams' GMs are in town.

But I will say that if I were Boston's GM, it'd be hard not to consider Clips' supposed offer now that they've included DeAndre instead of Caron.

Terry P: But why. I think all of us fans would be devastated

Mike Dyer: KG to the Clippers is 100x more likely than Dwight to the C's. VDN is crazy close to Sterling and reportedly wants KG badly. Clips the one team that KG would go to, plus C's get two young pieces.

A lot of the rumors are certainly not great leads - but Woj is the best out there and doesn't report stuff unless there is a legitimate chance of it happening. Remember, he started clamoring about Gay to Toronto and it happened 24 hours later. Guy is plugged in and doesn't do anything for the page views.

Howard stuff never made sense unless DH12 would sign here (unlikely). And it made 0 sense for the Lakers considering Rondo's injury. This is different in that it works financially, has benefits to both teams, and KG would waive his no trade to go there possibly.

Eric Blaisdell: I'm not at all sold KG waives the no-trade clause. He likes this team, loves his teammates, especially Pierce and is too old to start over. He kills the deal.

Mike Dyer: I could see that. I could also see the allure of a title contender playing 10 miles from his house, and featuring Billups (one of his best friends) helping him decide to leave. KG's so weird/unique that I wouldn't put anything past him - I think he's take the full 24-48 hours to think about it.

E.K.: To anyone in the group who has a better understanding of the C's salary cap situation... does a KG for DJ/Bledsoe deal improve C's flexibility? I'm wondering if say KG going to Clips pushes Pierce to retire... would that open the team's wallet for a top free agent this summer like Josh Smith? (Or maybe even LeBron the following year?)

Terry P: Lets stop thinkin bout it! Lol kg has to stay!

E.K.: LOL! I hear you, Terry! :-)

Mike Dyer: In terms of cap space it does nothing. KG $13 mill next year, Jordan $11, Bledsoe $2.5 - so almost exactly the same.

The next season they'd have to re-sign Bledsoe, probably anywhere between 7-10 mill a year. They also would (most likely) deal Rondo as Bledsoe would take PG duties.

E.K.: I see. Thanks Mike.

Something going on as all these rumors are coming in at this late hour.

Eric Blaisdell: It seems like they would have money with Pierce, Rondo and Terry gone and reupping Bledsoe, just not max contract money because of all the middling contracts on the books. They could probably still get a really good player, but no LeBron.

E.K.: Thanks Eric. I suspected as much. But I figure if Rondo comes back strong next season (as we all expect him to) Ainge will have option to flip either him or Bledsoe for another good/major piece.

SEMIOTICUS (SHELBYL): If we get Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan for a possibly retiring KG I'll take it, yet I don't think the Clippers will do that deal. If they do, they have some other plans that we don't know of. (Going after Dwight Howard?)

Eric Blaisdell: Yea I said Clippers were giving up too much when this rumor cropped up weeks ago. KG has a minutes restriction. Who do they go to with him on the bench? Ronny? Hollins? They must be able to get a better, younger player for Bledsoe and Jordan.


Eric Blaisdell: Exactly