Celtics 'salivating' over Josh Smith, would deal Brandon Bass and Jeff Green for him

According to Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times (he's a beat guy for the Bucks), the Celtics are 'salivating' over potentially acquiring Josh Smith, and are willing to give up Brandon Bass and Jeff Green for him. From Woelfel's article.

I’ve heard for a few weeks now that Boston is salivating over Atlanta forward Josh Smith and would be receptive to unloading Brandon Bass and Jeff Green to obtain him.

It’s no secret Brooklyn wouldn’t mind Smith, either. The Nets, some league officials insist, apparently are offering forward Kris Humphries and swingman MarShon Brooks.

Unlike the Garnett rumor reported by Wojnarowski, I can't really speak to Woelfel's credibility as much. Not saying he doesn't have it, just saying that I don't frequent many Bucks games, and really don't know all that much about him.

What I will say is that this isn't exactly breaking news to me. Bass and Green for Smith would be an absolute heist by the Celtics, and makes no sense for Atlanta. The Hawks have been waddling around in mediocrity for over half a decade, and now paying a bit player (Bass) $6 million, and an average wing (Green) $9 million is going to change that? Don't see how this makes sense for them.

With that said I totally understand Ainge salivating over the possibility. If I were him I'd be offering the Bass/Green combo, who together make nearly as much as a max contract guy, to every team in the league for their star. What does he have to lose?

Let's just play bizarro world right now, and say that both this deal, and the Garnett deal go through (considering the Rondo for Howard discussion was apparently before Rondo's injury, we'll leave that one out). The Celtics would all of a sudden have the following line-up:


With a bench of:


Sign another big and that that is a really intriguing roster. They would not be elite offensively (then again, they're not right now either), but they would be a match-up nightmare for teams. Bradley and Bledsoe would be a ridiculous defensive combo in the backcourt, and Smith and Jordan would be the most athletic PF/C combo in the league.

But again, this latest rumor just doesn't pass the smell test to me. If Atlanta is truly ready to part ways with J-Smoove, locking themselves into $15 million dollars a year for a Bass/Green combo seems like a really good way for Danny Ferry to get fired. They should be looking for A. young, cost controlled talent, and B. expiring deals. This trade would give them neither.

At the very least the All-Star break has proven to be a constant source of entertainment for Celtics fans, and with five days until the deadline, don't expect the rumors to stop any time soon.

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