KG says he won't waive no-trade clause

No shocking news here. It's been said more than once that Kevin Garnett would only accept a trade to another team if Paul Pierce was traded first. So in order for Danny Ainge to pull off a difficult trade of KG to the Clippers, he'd also have to orchestrate a difficult Pierce trade. As long as Pierce is still a Celtic, KG is going nowhere. This is actually pretty similar to the circumstances that brought KG to Boston. At first he said he wouldn't accept a trade to Boston, but after the Celtics traded for Ray Allen he changed his mind. In this case he's saying he won't accept a trade out of Boston, but if Pierce is traded then he'll likely change his mind.

I think Ainge would love to get SOMETHING for the Big 3 (he still laments not getting O.J. Mayo for Ray Allen), but I just don't think he'll be able to do it. Too complicated.

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