Garbage Time Point Guard Options

Kris Joseph is not a backup point guard.
With 3:57 to go last night Celtics Assistant Coach Armond Hill (Doc Rivers had left the game, he joked about watching the presidential debate) decided it was time to stop taking things seriously. I watched from my seat in Section 8 as Jason Collins, Fab Melo, Kris Joseph, Micah Downs, and Rob Kurz all checked into the game. Collins of all people was the one directing the kids where to go. Joseph took on the point guard role, and he did not look comfortable as the end of the C's bench blew a 93-83 lead, losing 97-96.

While this is a scenario we will never actually have to worry about, it does beg the question; does Boston need another ball handler? With the somewhat surprising cuts yesterday of Dionte Christmas and Jamar Smith, the bench is looking thinner in the backcourt. Doc has stated on several occasions that he loves his four guard rotation of Rajon Rondo, Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, and Avery Bradley (when he comes back, likely in mid December) just the way it is. I tend to agree. In order to get them all enough minutes, some combination of Terry, Lee, and Bradley will have to be on the floor when Rondo is not. Bradley also showed much improvement in this role over the course of last season.

None of this stops us from speculating though. My guess is they'll hold tight for now, but may add a veteran PG later in the season (remember Sam Cassell?) as an insurance policy in case of injury (what if Bradley's shoulder(s) can't hold up?). The names Allen Iverson and Derek Fisher have been mentioned on this site, although not with any real seriousness. Just for fun, here's a few others out there worth considering: Gilbert Arenas or Baron Davis? Doubtful. Michael Redd or Rasual Butler? Mostly just jumpshooters. Leandro Barbosa, Anthony Parker, or Jordan Farmar? I've never been much of a fan of Candace Parker's brother going back to his Cleveland days, but I do remember Barbosa running the point when Steve Nash was on the bench in Phoenix a few years back. However the ex-Laker Farmar may well be the best fit of the bunch.

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