Is Jason Terry’s Celtics Tattoo the Best All-Time?

Hopefully this is good luck
Everyone heard about Jason Terry’s new tattoo he got right after he signed with the Green, which got me thinking... Is that the greatest Celtics themed tattoo a player has ever had? Upon research I could only find four Celtics players that had tats with ties to Boston. Obviously Terry’s has to be in conversation with Paul Pierce’s new arm ink with his nickname and a shamrock as the greatest, both are good pieces of art and are just all around awesome.

Compared to the first two, J.R. Giddens’ and Chauncey Billups’ tattoos have to be among the worst all-time. J.R. is no longer in the league and still has a shamrock behind his ear, unless he’s Irish than that probably wasn’t the best idea.

And Chauncey Billups tattoo is up for debate Boston related, the rumors I found said that it’s the Celtics logo with his jersey on but after being traded to the Raptors had it changed to look not so much Lucky the Leprechaun-ish. I think it looks like Lucky but it looks to be done so badly that Delonte might have tattooed it. 

So my rankings have to go 1) Terry 2) Pierce 3) Giddens 4) Billups but the top two are by far and away the best, let me know if I forgot any great all-time great Celtics Ink that need to be added to the list.

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