Comments from the other side - Nets 10/17

The Nets sat their starters last night in the second of back to back games. They still beat the Celtics who didn't sit their starters. The Nets fans seem to take this as a clear indication that they will dominate the Celtics but I think they may be in for a surprise. The Celtics are still finding their way and I have to feel with their talent, will get it together for the regular season. My favorite comment was that they won't know how good the Celtics really are until the playoffs. Sneaky good... Lots of Tommy hate and Paul Pierce hate as usual. Enjoy.....

IMO tonight is a must win. Brooklyn Nets are undefeated and we will remain so !

No starters Avery doesn't want Celts to see us till the Season.

Starters will not play one minute tonight. We want to give the Celtics a chance.

Boston Announcers are young enough to start for the Knicks.

Get ready to hear multiple James Worthy comparisons for Jeff Green Eye roll

God, I hate the Celtics announcers....This will be a painful game to hear

Brandon Bass is not an interview guy Really Brandon? You think seeing if you play well together is key to the season... Who'd have guessed

Celtics announcers & fans if they win: "WE knew Brooklyn wasn't good" if they lose: "It's only preseason who cares refs suck" They are a total joke

Just got home, deeply upset I have to listen to Boston announcers.

These announcers have business laughing while their team is in a dogfight with our bench. Stuff like this is why I hate everything about Boston.

Heinsohn is going to be declaring sullinger the next Duncan by the end of the night

These geezers have annoying voices it's grating on my nerves

Rondo with the best pass of preseason history

KG with the expletives

Ahaha, I don't know who on the Celtics just said that But LOL. FIRE THE NBATV CENSORS!!

Nets never get calls in BOS or MSG

Celtic color commentator Makes me want to kill myself

The Celtics are going to be in a lot of trouble this year. I understand it’s pre-season but they have not looked good at all this preseason in general

They will be fine

These announcers were 70 in Stack's rookie year.

Tommy heinsohn needs to be put in a home

Believe it or not I hate Houston and Miami’s announcers even more than these guys.

Twin looks soo much thinner and in shape!

Can't remember Collins ever looking that thin.

We should be beating these clowns by 20 !

This Celtics broadcast team is garbage I hate havin to watch on NBA TV

Jeff green = injury prone

Keep in mind the bench has outpaced the Boston Celtics starters

Courtney Lee sucks

LOL at Boston thinking Lee is going to be their Tony Allen, Shumpert savior He’s doing zero out there

Lee is not even half a Tony Allen

CLee is turrible one night and awesome the next

Just seeing Courtney Lee angers me, no talent cry baby

Lee can't shoot so why give him a lane to drive

I hate Pierce

he's good though Credit where it’s due

This announcer is funny. Someone remind him this is pre season and his Celtics starters are playing against our bench

I hate pierce I hate him

PP can shoot from anywhere damn..

This just in Celtics your playing bench players and d leaguers

Seriously, these refs aren't calling those obvious fouls on the Celtics

I hate pierce

Pierce is so clutch.. Gotta respect him for that though

Did I miss where it was the finals? Someone tell Terry

Pierce is going to be 77 and making that shot

I hate Pierce so much

Nets bench = Celtics starters

That was such a flop Will that be a fine on Mr. Pierce?

Apologist Celtics announcer thinks Sully is just great

Sullinger, lol Not so good without those NCAA refs protecting him, huh?

Trade Lopez and Brooks for Harden and Perkins

I feel like with the Celtics We won’t know how good they are until they get into the playoffs.

Out bench is so good..they can compete with Celtics' starters...

Hmmm...then Lee is a downgrade from what Allen is..

Terry will be out there when at matters (like he always is)

I can't wait to destroy this team on Thursday & Christmas

I hope Boston fans like losing to NY teams this week

The Celtics clearly think this is a regular season game And will proceed to play all of the starters the whole 4th quarter.

Were winning until Pierce came out and did what Pierce does

Rondo playing 35mins... Pierce 25points... KG playing a lot.. Yeah not scared of them

Tommy needs to go die and save us the earache

I think the Celtics are going to experience a falloff this season. After pierce Garnett bass and rondo the talent is an extreme drop.

Yep.. And they have the age problem.. Rondo is not a scorer

Man, these guys suck! They also made it a point to say that it’s a “meaningless game”. Tell that to your “Big Three” who played almost the whole game..hard!

Wow 36 mins for Rondo in a pre-season game!! Sheesh how will he last?

Put heinsohn in a home Geriatric *

I want the nets to win just to piss tommy off

I really hope we beat them silly on Thursday Rondo for 36 minutes? Come’on son

Just remember Our worst players are beating their best. that’s all.

The name of Fab Melo is like Fat Melo..

No no Fat Melo plays for the Knicks


No Darko though

We won even without playing any starter!!! Eat that Boston

Now, let's destroy them with our starters Thursday