What If..... The Boston Celtics Signed Allen Iverson

Pathetic how majority of y'all think he is our "Answer".

Welcome to "What If Wednesday". Just like the "What Happened to.." series, I am going to write a "What If....." story that relates to the Boston Celtics either about the past or present every Wednesday. On Monday, I posted the controversial colomn about who I think the Boston Celtics should sign for our back up point guard position. Majority of the comments said we should sign Allen Iverson aka "The Answer". I know the whole "Boston Celtics might sign Allen Iverson" story has been around for a while, but I thought I would touch up on it again. Allen Iverson is known as one of the best little man in NBA history, but he is not the same player he used to be. Let me just start and say, I totally disagree with signing him and here is why:

Size and Age

Allen Iverson is a shooting guard in a point guard's body. He is only 6 feet tall and weighs 175 pounds soaking wet. Rajon Rondo is taller and bigger then him. Playing against big guards like Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook, Jason Kidd, Jrue Holiday, and even Kyle Lowry would be too much for Allen Iverson. He doesn't have the quickness he once had and is definitely not the defender we need. He is 37 and last played only 10 games in Turkey in 2011 because of all the injuries.

Shooting Guard not a Point Guard

Allen Iverson had 24368 points in his NBA career, but we don't need an undersized 2 guards that can score. Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, and Avery Bradley are all capable scorers with higher 3 point percentage then A.I. had for his career. Allen Iverson was never a spot up shooter, he needed the ball to score. Our back up point guard has to have the ability to spot up and make the wide open three. He shot just 31 percent for his career. Let't not forget his 41 percent he shot all together his last season in 2010. I know all you A.I. supporters are probably saying now, "What about his ball handling, crossovers, and passing skills Terry?" Well at the beginning of his career, it would be amazing for us. However, his last season in the NBA he only averaged 4 assists in 32 minutes with 2.3 turnovers a game. He will not set up the offense like we would want him too, he dribbles too much and looks for his own shot. Avery Bradley knows our system, with Jason Terry learning very quickly. Those guys are better players then A.I. right now and I would rather use them at point guard. If you guys thought Stephon Marbury was bad, A.I. would be worse.

Washed Up/Attitude/T.O. Complex

Allen Iverson is a has been, Terrell Owens, broke, old NBA player. Trust, I have his jersey and wear it from time to time. I just don't like the guys attitude and there has to be a reason he is not in the NBA anymore. The guy quit his Turkish team, quit on the Memphis Grizzlies, and heck, even quit on the Pistons. If the guy could play and had a great attitude, he would still be in the league playing for a contender. I personally think he is selfish and would be a negative impact on our "Wolf Pack". Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge have stopped trying to get player-divas in Stephon Marbury, Nate Robinson, Shaq, Delonte West, Rasheed Wallace etc., and started getting players that fit their role and work hard. As much as I would love to see him make it back in the league and become a success story, I don't think the Boston Celtics should be the team that should sign him.

So what if we signed Allen Iverson? Everything will be all smiles until the first practice. "Practice?" Then after about 7 games, we will cut him because we lost them and he would cause a problem and mess up the team's chemistry. He would be upset about his lack of playing time, and have a spat with Doc Rivers saying, "You promised me more minutes when I signed here." After we cut him, he will finish his career in China playing alongside Tracy McGrady (who I rather see in a Celtic uniform).

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