Barbosa is too excited maybe?

Celtics fans have been excited for the Leandro Barbosa signing since yesterday, but if there are two people even more excited than we have been, those are the Brazilian bros themselves. (I would like to call them The Brabros for short, which is also an anagram for Barbosa, so... trademarked!)

Anyway, this is what Fab Melo tweeted earlier today:

That roughly translates as "I just talked to Leandrinho on the cell... The new Celtic is already full of gas!!" And my mama has taught me that if someone's level of excitement causes him to have a gas overflow and deserves two exclamation marks, then this can only mean good news. Right? This is not some hidden reference to Barbosa's potential gastrointestinal issues?

All kidding, lame puns and potential ideas for tomorrow's Afternoon Delight aside, I think the Brabros will turn out much better than the Serbros did, even though I truly genuinely liked Sasha and felt he was an underrated member of the roster.

Welcome to Boston officially, Leandrinho!

(p.s. Pic by EK, who created this within about 2.5 seconds of Woj's tweet yesterday.  -JR)

Edit: Talking to JR under this post gave me another idea, hence I also trademark The Fab Brabros which stands for "The Fabulous Brazilian Brothers". BOOM!