Update on the writer search

Last week I posted that we were searching for a few good new writers. I received an overwhelming amount of applications. I mean seriously overwhelming, which was very flattering. I actually read every application and sample piece, since I felt that everyone deserved that courtesy. I forwarded the good best ones to Mike and we narrowed down the field. As I'm sure you have seen by now we have added several new writers and are still considering 1 or 2 more of the applicants.

I'd like to first thank everyone that applied or expressed interest. We had to pass on a lot of qualified applicants. Did we make the write choices? Only time will tell. But I do know that we had to pass on lots of writers that back in the day when we were much smaller we would have hired in a second. If you would like to one day write for Celtics Life, I strongly encourage you to be active in the site and leave lots of intelligent (or humorous) comments. Informative and entertaining. That's our thing. The first person we hired was because he had been leaving great comments for a very long time. That made him stand out. So when we post again sometime down the road looking for new writers, again we will look to the people we are familiar with first.

We are excited about the new writers and I'd ask you to let them play themselves into shape, if you will, during the preseason.  Celtics Life is in my honest opinion the best Celtics fan site/blog on the interwebs and your support helps to make it so. We're always striving to make it better. We pride ourselves in our unique, creative style. Keep reading us. Don't be scurred to comment on posts. It's always great to hear new green voices. The site is for you. Keep sending in creative pics, wallpapers and video mixes. Thanks again for your support. This is going to be a BIG year for the Celtics and a BIG year for Celtics Life. Enjoy the ride with us.

For future reference for more on what we look for in writers please click here.