CP3 fine with trade to the Magic or Clippers (just not Boston)

While Chris Paul's first choice may be the Knicks, sources say he is also open to being traded to the Magic and Clippers.
My guess is this has more to do with who he would be playing with then Chris Paul saying he doesn't like Boston. If he went to the Clippers he'd team with Blake Griffin and if he went to the Magic he'd be with Dwight Howard. The fear for Paul on the Celtics is that after this season, it might be just him on the C's with no other all-star. He's done that for years in New Orleans and is over that. You're not winning a title with Chris Paul and Jeff Green as your two best players.

The Clippers could propose a decent package to the Hornets around Eric Gordon, while I'm not sure what the Magic could offer. There team is loaded with garbage (hence the reason their star wants out). Then again the NBA owns the Hornets, so if they want to avoid Howard on the Lakers and Paul on the Knicks and the NBA becoming a 3 team league, they could streamline a Paul to the Magic for Jameer Nelson and J.J. Redick trade, no matter how bad a return it would be for the Hornets.

Right now my prediction is that Chris Paul is traded to the Clippers before the deadline and Howard unfortunately is traded to the Lakers for a package starting with Andrew Bynum.