The Lady "Big 4"

Super dangerous me posting this pic, because you should never use the word "big" within two sentences of    "lady," let alone right next to each other,  and also one of these women is KG's wife so he might beat my ass, but I'm brave and I care about our readers, so here you go. In case you're curious this was for the launch party of Ray Allen's wife's show "The Pre Game Meal." From left to right are Mrs. Rondo (engaged), Mrs. Garnett, Mrs. Allen, and Mrs. Pierce. Actually I'm too lazy to check if any of them kept their maiden names, but this way you know their famous husbands right off the bat.

Pretty cool that they were all there to support Ray's wife. If you want to see more pics click here. I will also add that even though Rondo, KG, Ray and Paul got bounced in the 2nd round this season, none of them seem to have too much to complain about in life.

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