Heat 101, Bulls 93 OT, Game 4 Highlights

I hate the Heat. I said it back in the Summer, that if you put two of the very top players in the game on the same team and then add a top 10 player they automatically become the favorite. I was hoping the C's could squeeze out another title, before the Heat actually built the rest of the team this Summer and in the future, but that didn't happen. Then I held out hope, Thibs and the Bulls could derail them and that's not going to happen. And I'm sorry to say, but the Mavs aren't beating them. Very bad match-ups for Dallas. With all that said, the Heat are really good... Refs, do you really need to continue to let LeBron blatantly travel (see 5:15 of highlights)? This happened throughout the Celtics series as well. The Heat already have the advantage. Why must you add to it?