All I Needed to Know About Practice I Learned on Twitter

The Celtics have some of the best writers in the league and they just seem to keep getting better.  With the advent of Twitter, they are keeping fans updated with things as they happen.  If you aren't following all of the Celtics writers, you need to.  I'm going to tray to name them all for you and hopefully I won't miss any: @evansclinchy, @ESPNForsberg,  @GlobeBobRyan, @huhwhatsaywhat,  @kylerdraper, @DDuggan21,  @SherrodbCSN,  @Pflanns,  @rlevine33, @GlobeGaryDzen,  @Jimmy_Toscano,  @gwashburn14,  @Gary_Tanguay, @JCameratoNBA, @Trags and @celtics.  They are the best in the business.

Yesterday, if you were following them you would have been kept up to date on what was going on in the Celtics practice as it was happening.   For instance,  Here are a few of the tweets from yesterday's practice.

From Chris Forsberg:
Celtics scrimmaging 5-on-5 with refs as practice opens to media. Shaq with 1st team ...
After 4 minutes, Shaq checks out and Baby goes to 1st team. Seems C's want to get JO comfy w/ 2's and utilize KG/Baby lineup.
Coach Perk? He's drawing up plays for the second unit at end of scrimmage ...
Perk's play? Looked like Wafer off a double screen. Bad pass from Nate blew it up. Settled for Nate rainbow 3 that was off the mark.
After suggesting Friday's 3-hour session was a hot mess, Doc called today's practice "phenomenal." Included lot of players drawing up plays.
Here's a minute of scrimmage video, closing with a Shaq-on-Baby collision ...

Evans Clinchy adds a few more details. 
Practice observation #1: Shaq's teammates are very supportive when he makes FTs. Like moms at 6-year-olds' tee ball games.

I kept waiting for observation #2 but he never posted it :).   Jimmy Toscano added his thoughts to the mix.  
At  practice. Perkins' injury isn't keeping him away from team. He's out there being very vocal with Ray from sidelines
KG is looking very active on the court. Excited to see what he can bring physically this season. Looks to be at or near 100% out there.

And finally, the Celtics Official Twitter added this little tidbit: 
Doc says Shaq is starter at C for now with JO missing too much time in preseason. Says both guys are battling hard and it's great for team.

Here's an update with some tweets from today's practice.  Again from Chris Forsberg. 

Delonte and Semih vs. Luke and Von in 2-on-2 ...
Practice flare-up between Delonte and Wafer in 2-on-2 game. Ends with Delonte screaming "Do something about it!" as he scores twice on Wafer

Just two players going hard. If Im a coach, that's what I want to see. Lawrence Frank stepped in to remind them to cool it with media around

Sounds like the Celtics are definitely ready for a different opponent. .  And from Celtics:
Doc called Opening Night a "special situation" and said he can feel the players' anticipation in the locker room
Doc also dropped a serious compliment about Rajon Rondo - called him "the smartest player I've ever coached"

Asked Glen Davis if this team has a new form of Ububtu... He said Ububtu doesn't change, but there are "new characters in the village"

And Trags adds this last quote from Shaq.  

"This is funnest team I've been on in my life, seriously. Usually, I'm the ring leader. I haven't even done anything yet."