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So while unfounded trade rumors swirl, a lot of people get caught up in the excitement and forget to think about what they are reading.  I'm referring of course to all the Rondo rumors.  Our own Scal-4-3 wrote the article that needed to be written, reminding people that, just because you read it on the internet doesn't mean it's true, especially if it doesn't make sense.  What does make sense however, is addressing the needs that the Celtics actually have.

One glaring need is another center, and you can bet money that the Celtics will be signing another one, hopefully more.  Right now we have one, his name is Jermaine O'neal and he is about as reliable as mesh condom that's in its 16th year of use.  I liked what he gave us last playoffs, but we need help at the 5.  I know Baby can play center, and I do like him as a player, but he's another free agent.  He probably will go somewhere else to make more money, which is too bad, because he's a really good back-up for KG and we are better with him than without, but anyways, the point is we need centers.  Like DeAndre Jordan.

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How the Celtics could get him.
DeAndre is a free agent who made 850 kilodollars last season.  He'll be going into his 4th year, so I expect the C's could sign him for under $1.5M, no trades required.  Plus he played for Daniel Sterling and the Clippers for all 3 years, so by now he would probably sign a contract with the Antarctica Blueballs if that was a real team, because playing for a polar bear in the snow would be preferable to Sterling and the Clips.

His name is Jordan.  Now before I get angry comments saying "You fucking goon, how can you compare him to MJ?! You must be retahded or somethin kid!" I'm really referencing the sweet marketing tie-in that we could see with Jordan's Furniture if we sign him.  Anyways, on to the actual pros.  He's 6'11" and we need height.  Now I know that JR cleverly pointed out in his article about Chuck Hayes that one does not block nor rebound basketballs with one's head.  What our anatomically-intelligent writer did not mention is that the shoulders of a taller guy are above the shoulders of a shorter guy, thereby enabling the taller guy to reach higher.  Now, one's vertical leap also makes a big difference, but a 6'6" guy has to jump 5 inches higher than a 6"11" guy to reach the same height, and that's assuming the 6'6" guy's arms are as long as the 6'11" guys', which they wouldn't be.  DJ averaged just under 2 blocks per game last season, 7 points, and 7 rebounds, 2 of which offensive.  His FG% is 65% which is excellent.  He's also a young guy at 23, and we are soon to be a rebuilding team.  Lastly, we need centers and we can't spend a lot of money.  He is a center that doesn't cost a lot of money.  Value is the name of the game for the Celtics this offseason due to our high salary costs and large number of free agents.  He's no Dwight Howard, but for his price he's excellent, and because of that price we can sign better additional players.  It just makes sense.

His free throw percentage sucks balls.  It's absolutely horrible.  It's around 45%.  Centers are not typically known for their FT shooting, well actually, they are typically known to be awful at it.  And DJ is like the worst of the worst.  Rondo will have to hand over his title of "really sucks at the line" to DeAndre if he ends up here, and you don't want too many guys like that.  The good news is that he only shoots between 2 and 3 a game, a lot of them are and-1's because he dunks a lot. Also, with Rondo's great passing ability, more of those FT's should be and-1's as DJ gets the ball in a better position to make high-percentage-grown-man-mark-jackson-momma-there-goes-that-man-my-goodness moves, or "dunks."

I am for signing this guy (obviously), what about you?

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Three Toe 12/03/2011 07:58:00 PM Edit
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  1. Jay says:

    Easily my number 1 choice for we should go after...This guy only going to get better, love his Athleticism too. I think it may be difficult however to actually get him

  2. Reean says:

    YES. tyson chandler expects 20.7 M contract/ year lmfaoo your good Tyson, not that good tho

  3. JR says:

    C's need to take advantage of the Clippers lust for CP3 and Dwight Howard and go after Jordan while they're distracted. Remember this is the Clippers, not exactly the model franchise for smart thinking.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You clearly do not know anything about the NBA. Jordan avg'd 2 blks and 7 rebs in 25 mpg last year and is a restricted FA. There is NO WAY the C's, or any other team can sign him away for $1.5M or anything close. He will get a $5M+ multi year deal at minimum. Just because you have a URL with Celtics in it does not mean you should spout crap about the team or the NBA. Thanks for playing.

  5. The C`s need to trade Rondo,J.Green, & G,Davis to OKC for Westbrook & Perkins. Marcus Thornton,DeSahwn Stevenson, & D`Andre Jordan are available they will take sign 17million for 4years. We also should sign Delonte West back along with A.Iverson,V.Carter, & K.Humphries good role players around the BIG5. Westbrook will average 25points,9dimes, & 5boards a game with the C`s then we will beat Miami & Chicago in the Playoffs this season and will become World Champions again.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Westbrook doesn't fit. A guy that needs as many shots as he does to get those sorts of figures doesn't fit ubuntu.
    Not to mention the fact that trading back for Perk isn't allowed under the CBA. As well as the way Perk came out in the media so negatively dissing Westbrook after the season concluded.

  7. Jordan should be the Celtics #1 target IMO. Athletic young center you can block shots and provide some emotion. KG should really unleash something with this kid.

  8. Three Toe says:

    hahaha watch out for tough guy anonymous over here getting all insulting for no reason. That bit about "thanks for playing" really cemented how tough you are. I hope that everyone learns from your comment about how to anonymously beat your chest on the comment section of an article on a sports fan blog. I'm quivering, honestly. But I'll admit you are right, 1.5M is optimistic, given the restricted status and the fact that he's not going to fly under the radar with his stats, youth an athleticism. Even if he costs more, if he's interested in playing for a winning team, the Celtics can offer him the $3M 3Y MLE with the 8% yearly increase (same as say... the Lakers who aren't as interested in centers), which may be less than the biggest offer he sees, but isn't half bad from a championship contender. If he gets a FULL MLE from a team under the cap, I doubt he'll come here, but this is just an option man, you need to stop trying so hard.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Who wrote this article...? What a t@rd.

    There is ZERO chance of signing Jordan for under 1.5 million dollars... Do you live in a cellar and just make up your own rules? Pay attention to the league, idiot.

  10. Corey says:

    Jordan isn't a realistic option. It's nice that you took the time to write this out, but you probably should have looked into it a little further before wasting your time. The Clippers GM already stated he will match any offer that Jordan gets. He isn't splitting up Jordan/Griffin. Not happening.

  11. Edward says:

    Definitely sign him. He is defensive minded, has an insane vertical leap, is a great shot blocker, is freakishly athletic, and a great dunker. Pick and roll Rondo alley oop to Jordan all fucking day. He should be our number one priority since you know there is no way J.O. is starting all 66 games of the season. Also the future of our team won't look so dim with Rondo, Bradley, Moore, Pierce, Green, Johnson, and Jordan.

  12. Anonymous says:

    ΙΜΟ, Jordan (if we can get him) J. Crawford, Baby and Delonte should be signed immediately!!!

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