Celtics trade Grant Williams to Mavericks for two 2nd round picks

Two 2nd round picks for Grant Williams? Not a great return. The Celtics also get a $6.2 million TPE which helps to some extent. But TPE's and 2nd round picks have a lot less trade value than some people think. Put it this way, Grant Williams was drafted #22 and played well; No team would trade a future 22nd pick for a TPE and two 2nd rounders.

Hopefully the 2nd rounders are at least good ones that are likely to end up in the 30's.

Feel like Grant Williams was a key 6th man on the first Celtics team since 2010 to make the NBA Finals. Fell into Joe's doghouse, but Grant at $13.5 million is a great get for Luka Doncic and Dallas. Today was a step back for the Celtics.