The 3 things that Celtics should address this season

The 2023 NBA off-season offers an opportunity for the Boston Celtics to make vital decisions. Competition in the NBA is stiff, and it takes strategy and timely decisions for teams to get an edge over their peers. Although Joe Mazzulla managed to get two playoff series victories in the first season and 57 wins, he should now focus on capitalizing on the momentum and further elevating the team's performance.

Despite the season ending on a pretty low note for the Celtics, it still has the potential to clinch the championship if it addresses the following things.


Most awry situations the Celtics have faced are self-inflicted. While watching their game, you will discover they don’t trust each other during the game, and that results in more giveaways and irrational and rushed decisions. The issues causing low performance in the team can be dealt with by bringing a top-tier playmaker into action. When this happens, Celtics team odds on reputable sportsbooks like bet365-ボーナスコード will become very competitive. For example, Tatum is improving his passes, and contesting teams would instead make him give up than attack. Brown is a moderate creator plagued with unimaginative passing and loose handles, and you cannot tell the difference in his turnovers (2.0) and assists (2.2) throughout his career. Therefore, Boston Celtics require a player that can steady the team and put it in a position of success.

Backup Wings

There is no doubt the Celtics have the best wings in basketball; Brown and Tatum. However, after pushing beyond these two, the backup wing positions remain empty. This weakens the team’s offensive and makes it vulnerable to attacks. The backup wing problems have also greatly limited the team’s potential.

The Celtics don’t have a choice but to use their extra guard, Sam Hauser, the team’s shooting specialist, to play as a backup wing. Although this team is currently working with limited resources, it must find a traditional wing-sized player that can effectively assist the offense and enhance the defense.

Frontcourt Depth

Most Celtics fans and basketball enthusiasts can also tell this team needs more bigs. Dealing with this issue has become more relevant, especially during this summer. However, that depends on how the Celtics will handle the restricted free agency of Grant Williams. Although the 24-year-old player has a 3-point percentage of 37.9 career and defensive versatility, there is no assurance that Boston can retain him because he wasn’t a consistent contributor this season.

Another crucial issue is William’s new deal, which will be a costly payroll for the team. Paying Brown and William alone this summer could push the Celtics into financial constraints and complex tax issues. Even if the team chooses to retain William, it will still need more bigs. Since Al Horford has turned 37 and Robert William has suffered many injuries in his career, it is time for Boston to back them up with great insurance policies.

Final Thoughts

Celtics is an excellent team with remarkable achievements in the NBA, and it has great potential to make more accomplishments this season. However, the team must address several vital issues if it intends to clinch the championship. Boston Celtics will be more formidable if it timely deals with its playmaking, back wings, and frontcourt depth issues. Solving these vulnerabilities will significantly improve the team’s defense and offense.