Throwback Thursday: Adam Silver names 2 Celtics on his list of 4 favorite players

The 2023 NBA draft will take place tonight where some new potential stars will hear their names called by Adam Silver. Prior to the 2015 draft then Portland Trailblazers guard CJ McCollum interviewed the NBA commissioner and asked him who is on his NBA Mount Rushmore. Silver pleasantly responded with two Celtics legends amongst the four. Any guesses on the two? One is of course Mark Blount.

Let me begin by saying I don’t think it’s a fair question to the commissioner of the NBA, but I’m not going to try to duck it completely. Let me limit the pool of players first to former players and then number two to former players that I work with on a regular basis. So number one, Bill Russell, who I’ve been fortunate to spend a lot of time with. He works in the league, and as you know I was just with him in Cleveland when he presented the MVP trophy in the finals. Number two, Michael Jordan, of course one of the owners in our league. Number three, Magic Johnson, who’s a licensee of the league and currently an owner of the WNBA Sparks. And number four, Larry Bird, president of basketball with the Indiana Pacers. So four gentlemen who we work with on a regular basis and who are on anyone’s list of the greatest players, but I’m being a little bit political by carving out the unique pool of former players who work with the league.

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