Throwback Thursday: Bill Russell welcomed to Boston

Check out this great picture of Rose and Bill Russell getting welcomed to Boston by future Hall of Fame shooting guard Bill Sharman and Celtics owner Walter Brown in 1956 (h/t @frostybias for the find!).

Celtics head coach and general manager Red Auerbach acquired Bill Russell in a draft day trade that saw Boston trade six time All-Star and future Hall of Famer Ed Macauley as well as Cliff Hagan (who would also go on to make the Hall of Fame!) to St. Louis for the #2 overall pick in the 1956 NBA Draft. In a way it was 3 team deal as the Celtics also convinced Rochester to pass on Russell at #1 in exchange for an Ice Capades performance.

One has to wonder if either St. Louis or Rochester had ended up with Bill Russell if they would still have an NBA fanchise now.

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