Jaylen Brown pays tribute to Reggie Lewis after tying him in record books

Lost in the Celtics disappointing loss to the Suns Friday night was that Jaylen Brown tied and surpassed Reggie Lewis on the Celtics all-time points scored list. Taylor Snow, who's always on top of these things, pointed out that Brown and Lewis both hit the 7,902 mark during their 450th games as Celtics, which was a cool coincidence. Early Sunday morning Brown paid tribute to Lewis with his "Long live the great Reggie Lewis" quote tweet. Lewis would have scored thousands of more points, but sadly he passed away during the summer of 1993.

Lewis' death hit me hard growing up, and I was always searching for another Celtic player to come around to show me glimpses of Lewis. First there was Greg Minor, but injuries derailed his career. Next was Ron Mercer, but he never lived up to his billing.

Joe Johnson was traded too soon into his Celtics career to count. I suppose Paul Pierce was the guy, but his brash personality never reminded me of Lewis' soft spoken demeanor. Jaylen is his own man and has a different personality to Reggie, but they do share a pretty calm and mellow demeanor.

Nice to see the connection between a current Celtics player and someone from my childhood.