Fractured wrist to blame for Jayson Tatum's shooting woes in the playoffs

According to Jayson Tatum there was a reason that he struggled with his shot the final two rounds of this past playoffs. He was playing with a very painful fractured wrist. So unless you are thinking Tatum is making this up as an excuse, once again the Boston Celtics most likely missed out on another banner due to a significant injury.

Celtics' play-off runs and injuries have been par for the course it seems every season since 2008. 2009 there was no KG. 2010, KG returned, but wasn't all the way back yet, but Boston still would have won if not for Kendrick Perkins' injury. 2011 was Shaq and Rajon Rondo. 2012 the Celtics played without Jeff Green the whole season.

When they finally made it back to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2017, Isaiah Thomas's hip had already suffered its tragic fate. In 2018 both Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving were out for the year. 2020 saw Hayward get hurt again and Kemba Walker return never to be the same. You get the drill.

It's really hard to believe how unlucky the Celtics have been as a franchise with health the past 36 years beginning with the tragic death of Len Bias.