Perkins jumps off Celtics bandwagon, predicts Bucks finishing Celtics off tonight

Beloved former Celtics championship center Kendrick Perkins is perfect for modern sports television. He's like a younger Stephen A. Smith who actually played and won in the NBA. Whether his opinions make any sense doesn’t matter. He says them with conviction and his a showman. He gives ESPN and NBC Sports Boston ratings.

Remember Kendrick Perkins was of the local media members who wanted to ship Jaylen Brown out of town for veteran malcontent James Harden. Perk was even willing to include Robert Williams, Marcus Smart, and/or first round picks to get it done. Serious prisoner of the moment stuff. Now a year later, Harden has forced himself off yet another team, and looked like a shell of himself in another disspointing playoff run. Philly is stuck with him.

Meanwhile Jaylen Brown has continued to improve, Robert Williams showcased some star potential (though still remains oft injured) and Marcus Smart not only returned to being an elite defender this season, but a much better playmaker as well. Again, don't just focus on Smart's Game 5 two days ago. That's some Perkins-esque prisoner of the moment stuff.

Plus instead of using those 1st rounders in a Jaylen trade for Harden, Stevens was able to use one to swap Kemba Walker for the invaluable Al Horford. Point is if teams listened to NBA talking heads they'd all be royally screwed. So don't be upset with Perk for jumping off the Celtics bandwagon based on a poor ending to Game 5. He'll just right back on it if Boston wins Game 6.

And there is nothing wrong with Perk changing his mind, but just remember that just because someone has a voice doesn't mean it's a valuable voice. Most of the ESPN sports staff is just there for ratings. If you believed the Celtics would win this series prior to Game 1, you should still believe it right now.