Celtics 2nd half of season success sets NBA record

With a record of 31-10 over their second half of the season the Celtics flipped the script on a what was looking like another disappointing very mediocre season. By winning today, Boston actually ended up with the best record in the NBA for any team that was sub .500 at the mid way point. Keep in mind this feat doesn't mean best 2nd half record or even best 2nd half record by a team with a sub .500 one at the mid point. Still it's an accolade and people tend to like these things. Congrats to Ime and the Celtics for the terrific turnaround.

Now if you're a true Celtics fan, regular season accolades should never be even close to as important as how a team does in the playoffs. So here's hoping we have a long and successful 2022 playoff run.