Woj thinks Celtics are gauging trade value of Marcus Smart, Dennis Schroder, and young players

Adrian Wojnarowski discusses what he believes Brad Stevens and the Boston Celtics are up to prior to the NBA trade deadline. Woj says the team has no plan to break up Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, and also wants to holds onto Robert Williams.

That doesn't leave much in terms of valued trade assets. You have Marcus Smart and 1st round picks. Not sure anyone else has as much value as a 1st rounder to other teams trade wise, when you account for age and contracts. So probably safe to eliminate the idea of Boston adding a prime piece this season unless Smart AND first round picks are traded.

Still there are trades that could be made to provide some better complimentary pieces. One simple trade might be Dennis Schroder for an outside shooter.

"I think Marcus Smart, some of the young players on the roster, second- and third-year guards/forwards, I think they’re seeing what the value for those players out there. Josh Richardson, but I’m not sure. Dennis Schroder — that’s a player I think if they can keep building up his value. … I think those are all players available on the marketplace.”