Yay we called one! Celtics finalizing deal to acquire Josh Richardson from the Mavs

I wrote a lot about Richardson 3 days ago, so feel free just to click the following link and learn why Josh could return to the promising player he was in Miami with the personel that the Celtics have. Much of what is being said in these tweets about a "Plan B" after Fournier and if Richardson opted in, C's could potentially get him as simply a salary dump if the remaining Hayward TPE covered things was in the article 3 days ago. Feel like this might be my chance to apply for that open GM position that Stevens said last night he hasn't interviewed anyone for yet. (And in case you're new to Celtics Life, that's sarcasm. Calm down.)

Thinking the acquisition of Richardson makes it more likely Dunn is rerouted by opening night. Richardson works with point guards in the shooting mold of a Pritchard. Awkward fit with Dunn. Unless you never play them simultaneously, which I suppose is an option. Stevens isn't done yet. Expect either Fournier to re-sign or another name player to be added. Not a superstar, but a very good player.

Also of note, new Celtics head coach Ime Udoka is familiar with Josh Richardson from his time as a Philly assistant coach for the 2019-20 season.

And here's the answer to how the remaining Hayward TPE worked for Richardon's deal. Due to the timing of the trade this still counts as the 2020-21 NBA season, so Josh's smaller salary sneaks just in under the the $11 mil TPE.

Brad is just 11 more trades away from adding Beal to the Jay's... So could come as soon as Tuesday (more sarcasm. Hate that I have to explain).