Afternoon Delight: 5 NBA Draft Day Celtics rumors

It's the most wonderful time of the year... ok second most wonderful. But for many fans, NBA Draft day is like Christmas. It's the day you get to unwrap your new gifts that should bring you joy for years. Dee Brown, Paul Pierce, Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, James Young, Jaylen, Brown, Jayson Tatum, they all look great on draft day.

And then there are these moments: When the commissioner steps up to the podium and says the words we all love to hear, "We have a trade to announce." Well Twitter and leaks from NBA teams to media members have ruined the spontaneity of the podium announcements, but still draft day is a wonderful day.

Up until this post here were are all the Celtics rumors the media had provided:

I should add there was one rumor for a hot minute of the Celtics trading Marcus Smart, a future 1st rounder and taking on the bad contract of Eric Bledsoe in order to obtain pick #10 from the Pelicans, but that ship sailed when Bledsoe and the 10th pick both were traded to Memphis. Then a "reporter" who we won't dignify by including his name here linked the Celtics to Myles Turner. Unlike Afternoon Delights there is no satire to his "rumors."

They are reported as facts and often times have the dubious language of "Rumor: _____ player is someone _____ team is expected to have interest." Did you really get that from a source? Because I don't need a source to say the you should expect th Celtics to have interest in Damian Lillard or Bradley Beal if they became available. Those two and every other good player in the league.

There are also was this doozy of a deal that went down this morning:

But while you might think there is nothing cooking this draft day for the Celtic, Celtics Life Afternoon Delight award winning investigative journalist Rondo Burgundy has some real draft rumors for you.

  1. The Celtics are looking to give Jayson Tatum some help by providing him with a star running mate! He's an ideal fit next to Jayson. The player has improved every year he's been in the NBA, averaged 25 per game last year while shooting 40% on 3's. And made his first All_Star game. Sky is the limit for this guy.

    And unlike Lillard who's in his 30's or Beal who you'd be re-signing to a new mega extension next year for his 30's, this player is only 24. And due to that age and the team friendly contract he's on, unlike with Lillard or Beal, you'd have considerably more financial flexibility left to build around him and Tatum.

    His name is Jaylen Brown

  2. The Celtics are in fact talking to the Pacers about a trade for Myles Turner. The stumbling block seems to be that Indiana keeps asking for Gordon Hayward and Brad Stevens keeps telling them he can't trade a member of another team. The Pacers reportedly have sweetened their offer to also include a 1st rounder and Aaron Holiday, but again the whole Hayward thing complicates the matter.
  3. At #16 in tonight's draft the Celtics are expected to draft Moses Brown Luxury Tax Flexibility. His first five choices for jersey numbers will all be taken, but he will eventually happily settle on #4 after 2019 Summer League superstar Carsen Edwards' Celtics tenure concludes.
  4. At #45 in tonight's draft the Celtics will select someone they say they had much higher on their draft board than 45. They will say they were excited that he fell to that spot.
  5. Danny Ainge continues to enjoy his "retirement" searching for another NBA team to work for.

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