Jeff Green out for the remainder of Celtics vs Nets Round 1 series

Plantar fasciitis is no joke, so don't be surprised if Jeff Green misses most of the (potential) 2nd round for the Nets. The former Celtic affectionately known as Uncle Jeff didn't reach expecations in Boston, but has been a low key Celtics killer as an opponent. If not for his huge Game 7 Eastern Conference performance a few years back for the Cavs, the Celtics very likely make the Finals that season.

The Nets are simply are too stacked for the loss of Green to move the needle much at all vs Boston, but he is an important role player for them. Green who was unable to find success at the power forward position on the Celtics back wehn NBA teams played two bigs at once has reinvented himself the past few years as a solid rotation "stretch big" for teams.

While I have no desire in the least to root for Brooklyn, here's hoping Green can put this plantar fascia strain behind him with a couple weeks of rest.